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Barack Obama has a serious problem that is being overlooked by virtually everyone in the media. Doesn’t matter whether it’s The New York Times, MSNBC or Fox News. Though, at the Times, perhaps Maureen Dowd knows what I’m talking about?

By Taylor Jones

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Nancy Pelosi explains why unemployment is good for you.


vote2Will my vote count? After some of the debacles of the last 8 years, well, I hope so.
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El Amero es la supuesta moneda que sustituirá al Dolar norteamericano, el dolar canadiense y al Peso mexicano.
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On the same day as Oliver Stone’s “W”, a revealing new biopic of Sarah Palin explodes into theaters across America.
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Se acerca la fecha de elecciones presidenciales en USA y tal parece podría repetirse el fenómeno ocurrido en el 2004: un país dividido en partes casi iguales.
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Video sátira de John McCain y la cantante Madonna – La cantante Madonna logró que el equipo de trabajo de John McCain, candidato republicano a la presidencia de EU, se enfadara con ella, pues durante una parte de los conciertos de su gira Sticky and Sweet proyecta imágenes del político junto a las de Adolf Hitler y Robert Mugabe.
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A Message from the Director
Ayman al Zawahiri
Director of Change Management
Al Qaeda Industries Worldwide, Inc.

Hello, valued Al Qaeda associate! Welcome to the inaugural issue of Vistas, the new electronic newsletter designed to keep you informed on all the fast-paced comings and goings within our Total Quality Jihad family
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A video of a 16-year-old detainee being questioned at the US’s Guantanamo Bay prison camp is made public for the first time.
Publican primer video de Guantánamo

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A magazine cover of Barack Obama and his wife has caused controversy in the United States.
The New Yorker cartoon depicts the Democratic presidential candidate as a Muslim and his wife Michelle in camouflage fatigues with a gun strapped to her shoulder, with a portrait of Osama bin Laden hanging over the mantel.

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