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nullJohn McCain & GW Bush: four more wars!, by Wizard of Whimsy
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Brandishing “the sword of Islam,” a Palestinian boy stabbed President George W. Bush to death in a new puppet show for children aired by Hamas-owned television in the Gaza Strip.

“You are a criminal, Bush, a despicable man. You made me an orphan. You deprived me of everything,” said the hand-held puppet, representing a child and accusing the U.S. president of killing his family in Iraq and in Gaza in collusion with Israel.
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Ahmadinejad y Bush cantando en un bar de Nueva York.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad en Nueva York

19caja1.jpgDescubre la belleza de este horrendo ser humano (Condi Rice), que a pesar de todo, tiene su lado muuuy bueno…( Sexy people ) …