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vote2Will my vote count? After some of the debacles of the last 8 years, well, I hope so.
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Se acerca la fecha de elecciones presidenciales en USA y tal parece podría repetirse el fenómeno ocurrido en el 2004: un país dividido en partes casi iguales.
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Video sátira de John McCain y la cantante Madonna – La cantante Madonna logró que el equipo de trabajo de John McCain, candidato republicano a la presidencia de EU, se enfadara con ella, pues durante una parte de los conciertos de su gira Sticky and Sweet proyecta imágenes del político junto a las de Adolf Hitler y Robert Mugabe.
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Mccain is old and scarey, originalmente cargada por Bog Iron Pines.

Movie Poster :
John McCain in “No Country for old men

nullJohn McCain & GW Bush: four more wars!, by Wizard of Whimsy
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Question: Why is John McCain So Ugly? Answer: Because His Mother is George W. Bush.

When you see John McCain “fact finding” his way through the world on the tax-payer’s dollar with smiley face Joe Lieberman forever at his side, their all-out effort to make McCain appear presidential, I can’t help but think of Howdy Doody, that goofy marionette of early TV days and his human side-kick, smiling Buffalo Bill Smith. Howdy would be our Joe, while John would be the affable Buffalo Bill. The original TV show entertained the kiddies with bad jokes and silly stories and a very silent Clarabelle Cow as they sold America’s children Wonder Bread and grape jelly. Now if they could get kids to demand soggy white bread smeared with goop perhaps you can get adults to buy a soggy Republican candidate and make him the next GOP president after the disaster of the Bush years. While the Democratic candidates battle each other for the nomination few look at the real McCain who is smiling his way towards the presidency, assisted by those renegade Democrats Lieberman and now the Clintons who appear to admire him more than his own GOP does.

The Clintons have suggested that among the candidates only Hillary and McCain are qualified to be president and make the crucial decisions because of their great experience, thereby casting doubt on Barack Obama’s judgment. It’s an amazing way to help their party reach the White House; more amazing after what McCain once said of Hillary and their young daughter, Chelsea, during the Clinton White House years when Chelsea was a child.

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Aquí un artículo que no pierde vigencia, y que a pesar de la advertencia, el mundo no tenga que sufrir las consecuencias de la próxima elección presidencial en USA, si es que el ganador es “el loco” McCain.

Por Pierre Tristam
Beware the zealot.

About a week ago the Times ran a profile of Hossein Shariatmadari, an Iranian who, at 27, was sentenced to life in prison by the Shah for his political views, “whose toenails and fingernails were ripped out, whose teeth were kicked in, who was shocked with electricity and had the soles of his feet beaten.” Today, Shariatmadari is “the voice of hard-line Iran, not only hard-line, but also radical, secretive and uncompromising.” He makes Mahmoud Ahmanidejad look moderate in comparison. Shariatmadari is to Iran what John McCain is to the Republican Party: a bitter reactionary, a zealot on a mission to avenge his imprisonment and torture by demonizing everyone else while making himself look saintly. Beware.
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